Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Hump Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

The big mover in 2013 was Ken Whyte who did over 400 Humps and at year-end was only eleven short of completion. In the process he completed his English and Welsh Humps (excluding Old Man of Mow Cop - OMOM) to become the sixth member of this elite group. Sadly, he thinks that there are another six that are beyond his capabilities, thus leaving the door open eventually for Rob Woodall to regain top spot. Rob has done OMOM and also has his eyes on a few stacs.

There are only two new members in the Hall, Gary Jones and Martin Collins, who finally got around to working out his total. There are still a fair number of refuseniks out there who have not done this but, despite outing a few of them at Giggleswick, they have not been shamed into action.

Three members moved into the Upper Hall. Iain Brown and Stewart Logan had solo entries, however Martin Richardson was joined on the long walk out to Taran Mor on Harris by seven of the current members listed in the table below. A great day out by all accounts.

A few of us had hoped to join Andrew Brown and Darren Groutage as they completed England and Wales (excluding OMOM) on Green Crag in March. However, a blizzard descended on west Cumbria on the day and everybody but Mark Smith decided against risking the journey. Sadly, the train could not get him within striking distance of the hill but, amazingly, the determined duo somehow drove across from Ambleside and made it to a windy, frozen top. The car was stuck in a snowdrift for an hour but they still did not turn back, thus becoming the joint fourth members of the E and W club.

2977 Ken Whyte1663 Jim Fothergill
2840 Rob Woodall1645 Alan Castle
2671 Ann Bowker1630 Brian Ewing
2564 Colin Crawford1622 Richard Tibbetts
2503 Rowland Bowker1569 Margaret Parker
2412 James Gordon1536 Lindsay Munro
2313 Alan Holmes1530 Tony Rogers
2245 Michael Earnshaw1515 Campbell Singer
2218 George Morl1500 Richard Speirs
2192 Ursula Stubbings1500 Mark Smith
2123 Peter Collins1472 Jon Metcalf
2116 Iain Brown1434 Trevor Littlewood
2073 Martin Richardson1432 Sue Littlewood
2003 Stewart Logan1384 John Ward
1977 Alan Dawson1384 Neil Sandilands
1921 Gordon Adshead1365 Alison Fox
1882 Alan Whatley1351 Douglas Law
1846 Andy Hyams1347 Chris Peart
1839 Jim Bloomer1334 Robert Poole
1830 Richard Webb1328 Chris Bienkowski
1771 Martin Collins1315 Peter Malone
1770 Phil Cooper1301 Jonathan Woods
1740 Andy Sutton1279 John Owen
1740 Bert Barnett1278 Chris Watson
1724 Gary Jones1238 David Purchase
1681 Andrew Tibbetts1200 The Unkempt Humper

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