Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Humpdate 2014

Mark Jackson

Hump bagging seems to have continued apace in 2013 and there was less to trip the baggers up. After the frantic spate of promotions and deletions at the previous Christmas, 2013 was a quieter year for the Humps list.

The only straight promotion came in November, after Alan Dawson put his recently-acquired equipment to good use and surveyed Knowes Hill near Galashiels to find that it was about 2m higher than the maps suggested, tipping it over the mark into Hump territory.

Two Humps were deleted in August. During a comprehensive survey of sea stacks I found that the Great Stac of Handa had been masquerading as a Hump for many years, with the highest verifiable height being c72m. I still do not know where the original height of 107m came from, but baggers will no doubt be mighty relieved that one of the eight serious rock climbs in the list has been removed. Now all we need is for the Old Men of Mow and Hoy to fall down.

Middle Knoll was also demoted in August after Myrddyn Phillips caught a spot height at the col on Harvey maps. Bodesbeck Law in the Ettrick Hills was deleted to subhump in February on account of having been previously listed with the wrong col, but kept that status for all of six months, being reinstated in the summer after a survey.

There are therefore 2988 Humps in total at year end, not forgetting the three in the Channel Islands.

I discovered two new twin Humps this year, however. Big Hill is the new twin of Arbury Hill, and thus manages to also be the new twin County Top of Northamptonshire. The other twin is Great Haldon in Devon (twin of Colleywell Hill), which baggers may not be enamoured of as it appears to be in the middle of impenetrable forest. A survey is needed in both cases, methinks.

Knowes Hill28A374101 NT437383
Great Stac of Handa16E7272 NC132488
Middle Knoll3639599 SD654543
New twin Humps:
Big Hill3922563 SP549612
Great Haldon4025330 SX877856
Ceann Reamhar na Sroine24B Old GR: NG093930 New GR: NG093932
Eggardon Hill41 Old GR: SY546944 New GR:SY547942

A final reminder that changes to the Humps can be seen at while pending changes can be tracked at

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