Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglogs: Upper Hall:

Baglog: Peter Dawes (+52=1114)

I managed to maintain my average, which leaves just 440 to go (eight years at 55 per year). My problem is that I'm beginning to run a bit short of Scottish hills, especially since many of those remaining are in the Outer Hebrides. Nonetheless it was a good enough year, and I managed a trip to Wales with the XXL Hillwalking Club (Jon Metcalf's group of hill bashers). The long weekend provided me with 17 new ticks and included hills in the Lake District and Forest of Bowland as well as Tryfan and the Glyders, Snowdon and Y Lliwedd. I'd actually done Snowdon many years before, but only via the railway track, so I thought it should be done again properly.

To complete my year I had to take in Bardon Hill (39) during a drive from Banchory to London for Christmas, via York and the M1. I hadn't a proper map, so had to rely on Multimap and the GPS. Having circumnavigated the hill looking for a suitable approach, I found a reasonable short route from the north and scampered up and back in the remaining 40 minutes of daylight. It was quite a surprise to see such an enormous quarry from the trig point, I almost wish I had a bit longer to explore, but my wife was waiting in the car.

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