Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglog: Paul Caban (+64=1151)

In 2008 I finally made Grahamistadom the target, although circumstances conspired so that it didn't quite happen. Still, it got me to a few places I hadn't been to for a while (Ardgour, Fisherfield), and some new ones (Loch Morar), with some of the adventure of exploration returning that roadside bagging just doesn't fulfil. I am now sitting at G-6, so a trip to Arran and a 'Kinlochleven four' weekend should give me a date with Ben Venue for completion in the spring. Otherwise, orienteering took me around the counties, with lots of opportunities for small walks to interesting places. A camping Easter in Sussex was cold and snowy, but enabled a grand tour of region 42 and Leith Hill mid-event. An event at Catterick gave time for a section-35-completing jog up Hoove.

A weekend in Oban included Carn Breugach on Kerrera, again en-passant, and Janet organised a trip to Scarba which even a notoriously aquatic-averse traveller such as me enjoyed.

Most unlikely meeting: Bert Barnett on An Stac (10D) at 9am one July morning (the usual verbal sizing up ensued, at which point we both knew who the other was, even though we'd never met before).

Best navigational mishap: losing the track from Loch Eilt to Loch Beoraid and descending a tremendously rough hillside.

Hardest navigation: Haddington Hill using a 1:500000 road map (but at least I knew what the summit looked like).

Best viewpoint: An Stac.

Worst eyesore: the new cabin east of Beinn a'Chaisgein Beag.

Most unexpectedly enjoyable walk: Shillhope Law (33) after a pretty rough Christmas and new year.

Loch Beoraid (photo: Alan Dawson)

Loch Beoraid (photo: Alan Dawson)

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