Marhofn 183.10 - May 2008

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Marhofn Competition 2008

This year's competition is in two parts; a quiz and a puzzle:

Which bagger...

  1. Appears on an OS Landranger map? (There is only one correct answer, but it is on two adjoining English maps.)
  2. Was conceived by SP, played by WS and directed by RR?
  3. Called Dent 'a complete arsehole', as part of an infinite bagging project?
  4. Is capable of up to 200 bags per minute, without heavy bag support?
  5. Has a plurality of troughs and 66 claims?
  6. Argues at length that religious experiences do not rationally justify religious beliefs?
  7. Can climb a maximum gradient of 1 in 18 and weighs 13500 tons?
  8. Judged that blending fish for art is not cruel?
  9. Two points for each correct answer, but anyone answering Richard Webb or Jon Metcalf to question 7 will lose two points. Only question 1 might refer to a member of the Hall of Fame.

Lend Dawson Strange Solutions (26, 27, 28)

  1. Old goose's cartoon friend, more or less
  2. Bond with a small Dickensian woman
  3. Something spicy to twist and shout
  4. Country with 75% of an emperor
  5. Just a shade and nothing more
  6. Brown, wet and miserable
  7. Dog's opening remarks
  8. Pachyderm man
  9. Sincere or not
  10. Dalai Jackie Benny
  11. Another large word
  12. A sort of lighter animal
  13. Some of the rules of golf
  14. Controls on getting hitched
  15. Sounds like Munro's old band
  16. Mixture of rough path and scree

Answers to 1-9 each have one word, 10-16 have two words. One point for each correct answer. Maximum overall score is therefore 32. Answers should be sent to or the usual postal address by 2 June 2008. If there is a tie the winner will be decided by a penalty shoot-out at Builth Wells on 7 June (if you're not there a substitute will take your penalties).

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