Marhofn 183.10 - May 2008

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The 'Just for the Record' section in last year's newsletter was of interest. I don't keep full records but can offer the following:

  1. Most new Marilyns in a year - if you'll allow Irish ones my total for both 1996 and 1997 would have been more than 300 I think. Also, I expect my 1995 figure would have been in excess of 200.
  2. Most new Marilyns in 24 hours, walking - eight, but as this was the whole of section 16A perhaps it deserves its own category?
  3. First to 600 Marilyns - my records are a bit imprecise but I almost certainly passed 600 in 1991. 'The Alien' probably did so around the same time. He might one day be able to give a clearer answer as he is finally getting around to putting his lists in order. I don't think he does any serious walking any more.

I might have other records to contribute, e.g. 'Most MCG tops in 24 hours', but I'd need to check out some maps and routes completed long ago.


Antony Payne

Your last Marhofn was very interesting, good photos and better contributions. But I have always thought that the hills were more important than just ticking them off, they should be savoured and enjoyed not just treated as mere statistics. I am sure most people do it for pleasure, but there is always a danger of being overwhelmed with numbers, let's not forget the stunning beauty of our hills in a rush to tick them off!

Best wishes

Tom Anderson

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