Marhofn 183.10 - May 2008

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Baglogs: Upper Hall:

Baglog: Jon Metcalf (+43=1022)

The lowest full-year count for new ticks since chancing over the book. Fourth straight year in decline after a summer spent on more important things (Dalglish was right to revise Shankly's words). This said, there were several excellent trips, with England being dispatched subject to further revisions, and a memorable 1000th gathering in duff conditions on Rum's Ainshval, to twin with 2001's 600th on Askival. I should have saved Trollaval for 1500, but conditions were too good on a 2006 club trip so it became 950 instead.

Best hills:

Beinn Mhor, South Uist. A final ridge and corrie to compete with any British hill.

Sgorr nam Faoileann, Islay. Mons mirabilis, a totally unexpected quality hill not far from one of the pits of the list (Jura).

Deadh Choimhead (19A). Small but intense quality with far simpler crag threading than you'd expect from below.

Eaval, North Uist. Circuitous route to a squat eminence with incredible views.

Canisp (16F). The human sculpture is pretty impressive (spherical drystane cairn near the top) and the view of nature's sculpture (Suilven) is sublime.

Ben na Cro (Skye). Although like English football it lacks definition lower down, the ridge is dandy in the sunshine.

Never agains:

Sighty Crag (33). Another miserable sea of heather is inevitable after you have to leave the tranquility of the mud-bath forestry road. Not recommended without a flame-thrower.

Meall Gainmheich (1C). Uber dreary, if infinitely quieter beyond Ben A'an. That'll be why the motorway stops there.

'I savour each article, read it cover-to-cover and then it becomes a reference document'
Eric Young

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