Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Simm Hall of Fame

Alan Dawson

There were no new entrants to the Simm Hall of Fame in 2015 but there were two significant developments. Iain Thow became the second person to climb all the Simms, finishing them in June on Cut Hill on Dartmoor, which he climbed on his way from Glen Coe to Arran. The other big news was the renaming of Sims to Simms, and hence Simhof to Simmhof. I decided that 'Sim' was far too common and ambiguous a term to be a satisfactory name for a set of hills. The other problem was that the abbreviation for six-hundred metre summits only works in the plural form. At first I thought that the extra M could stand for 'mountain', but it is stretching a definition to consider all 2526 of them as mountains. Summits yes, hills yes, but hardly all mountains. After some rumination and research, I concluded that the second M should stand for 'monteto', which is the word for hill in Esperanto. A Simm is therefore a six-hundred metre monteto. As Esperanto is an international language, the second M can stand equally well for mountain, mount, mam, meall, mullach, moel, mynydd etc, according to location and preference. It can also stand for 'mons' when the time comes to list the six-hundred metre summits on Mars and the moon - 'montetos' sounds preferable to 'monses'.

There were five new inhabitants of the Simm Corridor in 2015, with Alan Whatley the highest new entrant. Gavin Theobald and Neil Sandilands both pushed on at a steady pace and are now within sight of the Hall. Gavin (shown below) does not use a car so would be the first person to enter the Simmhof by using feet, tent and public transport. Living in Fort William and doing some running evidently helps but it's still impressive. It's hard enough with a car.

Simm Hall of Fame 2015

Ken Whyte 2526
Iain Thow 2526
Andy Hyams 2521
Colin Crawford 2357
Rob Woodall 2164
Alan Dawson 2126
Colin Donnelly 2109

Simm Corridor

Gavin Theobald 1953
Neil Sandilands 1950
Bert Barnett 1810
Michael Earnshaw 1791
Alan Castle 1773
Jim Bloomer 1697
Graham Illing 1688
Alan Whatley 1635
Richard Webb 1618
Richard Speirs 1592
Gary Jones 1572
Alan Brook 1557
Eddie Dealtry 1542
Iain Brown 1538
John Ward 1532
Andrew Tibbetts 1507
Martin Richardson 1504

All Simm baggers are encouraged to enter their hill logs into the website, so that totals can be automatically kept up to date and easily retrieved at the end of the year.

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