Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016


Society news and relative matters by Martin Richardson

Marilyn timeline by Alan Dawson

2016 Annual Dinner and AGM by Jon Metcalf

New Hall of Fame members

New Upper Hall members

At and over the Wall

Mad Baggers 2015

Meet some new members

A glimpse at past Halls of Fame

The generation game

Hole in the wall gang

Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2015

Letters to the editor by Helen McLaren

Situations vacant

Bunch of baglogs

Grahams through the looking glass by Alan Dawson

All fur coat but no tickers: The Grahams and the Donalds guidebook by Jon Metcalf

Surveying and mapping standards by Alan Dawson

Surveying report 2015 by Alan Dawson

The Database of British and Irish Hills - past, present and future by Chris Crocker

Relative hills on Earth by Rob Woodall

Relative hills on the Moon by Alan Dawson and Daniel Patrick Quinn

Simm Hall of Fame by Alan Dawson

Hump Hall of Fame by Chris Watson

Tump Hall of Fame by Adrian Rayner

Obituary: Lynda Woods by Jonathan Woods and Jon Metcalf

Final Marhofn quiz by Martin Richardson

Marhofn reflections by Alan Dawson

The secret life of Marilyn Hall of Fame News by Martin Richardson