Marhofn 316.18 - May 2016

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Bunch of baglogs:

Gordon Ingall (+34=1277)

I bit the bullet in September 2015 with a first-ever visit to south-east England, for some long-awaited entries in region 42, although the Isle of Wight escaped (maybe another trip). Managed the right trigpoint pillar this time on Cleeve Hill after a previous map-less cock-up. Ditchling Beacon in low cloud, wind and rain felt like being back home in the Lakes. Sunshine in Crowborough made up for it the following day. I finished off with several days of perfect weather in Snowdonia for a 900m re-acclimatising fix on the way home.

Slioch has a red sandstone face and a gneiss bottom.
Remind you of anyone?

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