Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014

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Dear Editor,

I would like to congratulate you on the 2013 Marhofn magazine, which includes a lot of information in the contributions made by the members in their quest of hills in 2012.

I was pleased to see my own contribution in print. This was written in the hope that other members might read it and in a small way glean some useful tip or other for their own pursuits. I was, however, disappointed to see my contribution had been sanitised of all hill section references and my final paragraph had been totally deleted in publication.

I fully appreciate that the editor has final say in what is published. However, I have strong opinions on the subject of providing hill references which permit members to identify hills referred to quickly and accurately. The present system does not provide this, the assumption being members are able to recall by memory up to 1500 hills by name alone - this is surely asking a great deal.

Therefore I would request that in future editions of Marhofn, contributors are encouraged to identify hills with the inclusion of the region and section of Alan Dawson's book. This would maximise the informative potential of the magazine.

Martyn Dougherty

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