Marhofn 280.16 - May 2014


From our editor, Martin Richardson

Killyleoch Hill
Killyleoch Hill summit (photo: Martin Richardson)

Welcome to the fully metric* 2014 edition of the magazine for baggers of Marilyns and related prominent hills of Britain. Thanks again to everyone for their written efforts. Just so it is clear, the deadline for next year's edition is 31 January 2015 - there is no need to wait for an email prompt, you can put the task in your calendar/diary now.

As I was editing this edition of the magazine I began to wonder whether it was about hill-bagging or whether it was becoming a medical journal. You will find within many references to bone fractures, twisted ligaments, bruised muscles, replacement body parts and diseases. Between us, we keep the NHS busy.

A number of people have asked where they can find lists of promoted and demoted hills. They can all be seen at: or as well as in However, once again, I recommend joining the bagging mailing list to be found at:

* A sub-2000ft Marilyn is, after all, simply a hill lower than a Sim.

Mynydd Anelog
Mynydd Anelog (photo: Jim Fothergill)

Tips for the new tops - three new Marilyns

Killyleoch Hill (27C)

1:25000 map shows a track starting at NX881801 - not marked on the Landranger map. Follow the track to NX877811, turn left through a gate, over the burn and through a broad gap in the trees, then follow the western edge of the trees all the way to the summit, which is a large rock a few metres away from the treeline. There are four walls to cross on the way, all of which have reasonable crossing places near the edge of the trees. The first wall has a fence in the corner, after which there is some rough bracken and vegetation, nothing too bad but better when it is dry or in winter.

Mynydd Anelog (30A)

There are various possible routes to the summit. The shortest starts from limited parking space at SH155275, follow track to SH154273 and then make your own way through the gorse on open access land. Alternative route starts at phone box at SH155274.

Lamberton Hill (28A)

Near the Lamberton Hill col (photo: Alan Dawson)

There is a gate near the road junction at NT944591 that leads south toward the old hill fort and electric fences around the summit area, which can be climbed over with help from a wooden fence in the corner west of the summit. A better route to avoid the electric fences is the track from NT949588. This leads up to the lower eastern summit and the caravans, which are empty much of the time. If anyone is there it is likely to be a chap called Landles from Eyemouth, who appears to welcome visitors, especially those interested in amateur radio. The fence between the two summits can be avoided via a gate to the south. Note that the trigpoint pillar is not on either summit.


After the rise comes the fall. A survey in early April 2014 showed that Cruim Leacainn, between Fort William and Spean Bridge, is only 231.1m high, not 232m as shown on Ordnance Survey maps, and has a drop of only 149.4m. It is therefore relegated to being a Submarilyn, taking the number of Marilyns back down to 1556. Cruim Leacainn is not listed in RHB but was one of the early promotions, in 1995.

A survey of Corwharn, near Glen Isla in region 7, showed it to be only 609.1m high not 611m, and therefore 0.5m short of the 609.6m required to be a Graham. Corwharn therefore becomes the first Graham to be demoted (or rather reclassified, to be geopolitically correct), taking the number of Grahams down to 223. Corwharn remains a Marilyn and a Sim, with a drop of 152m.

For more details of survey results, including separation of twins and changes to other lists, see inside.

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