Marhofn 269.15 - May 2013

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Dear Editor,

Judging by the baglogs that suggest more than Marilyns fill the airspace, hot air, this emphasises my complaint last year about boat trips being organised for lesser hills rather than difficult to get Marilyns.

Most Marhoffers have years of bagging from Dawson's list to do. The shrill voices came from the top 20-30 on the HoF list I suspect, the done-em-alls, only interested in their selfish problems which lie beyond the scope of general interest. Let them hump their lusts elsewhere - Marhof is for Marilyns. There's a new list from 2012 of course, which might be attractive - collect gold-painted letter boxes.

Hamish Brown

(The above letter was received shortly before Alan Holmes, number 3 on the HoF list, announced two planned expeditions to Shetland and St Kilda for 2013)

Dear Editor,

Concerning my piece in last year's Marhofn I would like to respond by stating that prior to drawing up the list of the Marshalls I was in correspondence with Alan Dawson to enquire if such a separate list existed. He advised me that no such separate list was available, to his knowledge, and very kindly gave me some pointers in setting it up. In addition he stated that as no such list existed I could call it whatever I liked. He did not say that a lot of research was either necessary or obligatory. I was already aware of all the hills as they are a subset of the Marilyns and it was merely an attempt to produce a more manageable list for me to cope with.

I was aware that a number of people will have already have completed the list but as far as I was aware no list as such was available. The editor may not wish to use the name 'The Marshalls' but I did not ask him to. Other people might.

Marischal Sinclair

Dear Mr McNeish,

I see from last year's edition there was going to be a musical album called 'Never mind the tussocks'. However, when I went to my local HMV shop before Christmas to buy a copy for my grandson, there was not a copy to be found, anywhere.

Mrs Trellis, north Wales

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