Marhofn 269.15 - May 2013

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Hump Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

The Hall has increased slightly from 42 members in the previous year to 49 at the end of 2012. There are still many eligible members of the Marilyn Upper Hall who have not yet committed to Humps, but I look forward to them eventually seeing the error of their ways.

There were no events quite on the scale of 2011's triple entry into the Hump Hall of Fame but a couple were celebrated with a reasonable turnout.

Several others had hoped to organise a gathering on their landmark hills but failed miserably. Rob Woodall's 2800th was too remote for anybody to get there; Douglas Law was too impatient and did his 1200th a few days before the big completions weekend in Glencoe in August; whilst Colin Crawford and his party were defeated by mud and rhododendrons on his planned 2400th.

Hump Hall of Fame:

2805 Rob Woodall1557 Jim Fothergill
2630 Ann Bowker1534 Brian Ewing
2546 Ken Whyte1515 Campbell Singer
2502 Rowland Bowker1465 Lindsay Munro
2423 Colin Crawford1433 Margaret Parker
2375 James Gordon1424 Mark Smith
2238 Alan Holmes1410 Richard Speirs
2218 George Morl1404 Richard Tibbetts
2067 Ursula Stubbings1403 Trevor Littlewood
2055 Michael Earnshaw1401 Sue Littlewood
2000 Peter Collins1390 Jon Metcalf
1943 Alan Dawson1367 Tony Rogers
1928 Iain Brown1359 John Ward
1882 Alan Whatley1299 Chris Bienkowski
1859 Martin Richardson1293 Alison Fox
1855 Gordon Adshead1284 Neil Sandilands
1834 Stewart Logan1281 Peter Malone
1820 Richard Webb1275 Chris Peart
1815 Andy Hyams1248 Douglas Law
1724 Phil Cooper1237 Jonathan Woods
1694 Bert Barnett1236 David Purchase
1656 Jim Bloomer1227 Chris Watson
1623 Andy Sutton1222 John Owen
1620 Andrew Tibbetts1205 Robert Poole
1619 Alan Castle1200 The Unknown Humpist

I climbed a mountain, not knowing that I had
Thought it was just a road from A to B
- Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong

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