Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011

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Humps Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

In last year's Marhofn, Mark Jackson introduced his new ebook entitled 'More Relative Hills of Britain', which brought together the work of many people into one volume. As most of you will know, it lists the 100m prominence (P100) hills in Great Britain and the Isle of Man. The generic term for these hills is the Humps, which works on a number of levels. Towards the end of his article, Mark introduced the Humps Hall of Fame which included, at that time, six people who were known to have visited 2000 or more Humps by the end of 2009. The logic behind the choice of 2000 was that baggers would show little interest in these hills until they were close to finishing the Marilyns. This explains why Mark is studying maths at Cambridge and not psychology (it sounds like 'maps' when he says it on University Challenge). He should have realised that presenting a list like this to a group of baggers immediately causes a large number of them to rush off and start ticking.

Early last year, Simon Edwardes kindly transferred my logs from the Database of British Hills into his website and I was immediately able to compare my efforts with some of our fellow baggers, and vice versa. Whilst chatting with people in Ullapool, it became clear that a lot of those from south of the border were already beginning to visit their local Humps, even though they were either just into the Marilyn Hall of Fame or still loitering in the Cellar or Corridor. As intended, Humps give another layer of interest without involving 600-mile round trips to the Highlands.

I subsequently contacted Mark to suggest that the Hump HoF should be brought more into line with the Marilyn version, with roughly 40% completion (1200) and 67% completion (2000) giving entry to the Hall of Fame and the Upper Hall respectively. I also offered to manage the list on his behalf. He agreed to this arrangement and made an announcement on the RHB mailing list. I then called for entries, and the table below shows those in the reconstituted Hall at the end of 2010. There are clearly many more than this who have climbed 1200 Marilyns but they have not yet chosen to declare themselves officially into Humping (AD: I'm not officially into Humping, but some Humps are hard to avoid, and I just happened to be able to work out my total). Anybody wishing to out themselves can contact me on A more detailed table is available in Excel format.

2625 Rob Woodall1583 Andy Hyams
2545 Ann Bowker1574 Phil Cooper
2471 Rowland Bowker1511 Alan Castle
2419 Ken Whyte1423 Andrew Tibbetts
2286 James Gordon1397 Brian Ewing
2215 Colin Crawford1354 Michael Earnshaw
2120 Alan Holmes1336 Jim Bloomer
2100 George Morl1319 Lindsay Munro
1855 Alan Dawson1277 Martin Richardson
1844 Peter Collins1266 Mark Smith
1780 Stewart Logan1240 Jon Metcalf
1735 Richard Webb1225 David Purchase
1700 Gordon Adshead1221 Richard Speirs

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