Marhofn 230.13 - May 2011

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From Martyn Dougherty:

Whilst on holiday in Skye in May last year, as a favour to my friend Andrew Brien, my son, Ben and I attempted to climb The Storr. This decision was against my better judgement as the weather was inclement - thick mist and persistent rain. We commenced from the car park on the A855 upward on a north-westerly bearing. Heading along the path towards the rock columns which include the Old Man of Storr, I led the group through the eerie environs of the rock pillars, my woolly hat and jacket hood pulled low over my head. Without warning my body and head jolted backwards, unrepeatable utterances emanating from my mouth - what had happened?

Closer inspection revealed an overhanging rock. Looming down at me appeared to be the frightening face of a stone gargoyle. My trusty woolly hat spared me serious injury. As a belated warning to others bent on bagging The Storr via this route, beware the overhanging gargoyle which is shown to the left of Ben in the photograph.

Ben Dougherty on The Storr (photo: Martyn Dougherty)

Ben Dougherty on The Storr (photo: Martyn Dougherty)

All three of us continued past signs warning us not to proceed, and climbed over a barbed wire fence into the rocky buttress area of The Storr summit. In the thick mist we could see no easy or reasonable route to the summit and found ourselves being forced along a cliff to the north of the summit. Approximately 50m below the summit I decided the route was becoming too risky and we climbed back down the same route of ascent. Soaking wet and disappointed at our lack of success, I left The Storr for a revisit in 2011.

From Brent Lynam:

Unfortunately, as things stand, I have no inclination to submit any further end of year figures for Marhofn. My stats can be found elsewhere online but they are presently understated and in the interests of accuracy I'd be grateful if my name could be removed from any future Marhofn listings.

From Jim Fothergill:

This year, please could we have an understandable index to the newsletter (like 2009), not a music playlist. I gave up trying to make sense of it.

From Steve Weatherill:

Once again, many thanks for Marhofn - to you and to the team (The Associates). So many alluring hills (The Temptations), so much joy (Nirvana).

From James Gordon:

I've pretty much given up counting hills. Happy just to enjoy being on them. Please don't send the ever-expanding magazine. There's only so many times I can read about (e.g.) failing to find the ride with the trig point on the Wangie.

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