Marhofn 212.12 - May 2010

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The Small Faces

Gordon Ingall (+27=1167)

A modest bag again, but the 27 included my first incursion into Wales since the Tremadog weekend in 2005. As usual, some of the shortest routes on lowly hills proved the most challenging. Carn Fiaclach in Glen Affric had rank vegetation, and I managed to leave a pair of binoculars on the summit rocks (probably due to worrying about the descent). Torr Achilty proved equally rough despite my being forewarned by Marhofn articles; a sneak around the back led to a brand new deer fence under a steep shaley section. However, for sustained rough going, Greatmoor Hill via Maiden Paps topped the leader board.

The Welsh trip in October was to celebrate my coming of age as an OAP, so I am now a total layabout with government sponsorship. I celebrated with the Snowdon Horseshoe. Crib Goch seemed much steeper and more sustained than in my student days at Bangor, and the pinnacles were a complete surprise as I had forgotten about them altogether.

The new Snowdon summit station is a vast improvement on the old concrete bunker - apart from the coffee.

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