Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglog: Dorothy Wilson (+37=1089)

My first Marilyn of 2008 was Craiglee in Galloway in April: a hill I had been planning for a long time. This was a lovely walk from Loch Trool over the Rig of the Jarkness in glorious weather. Later in the month I had a wonderful few days in Mull, climbing great hills including Beinn na Sreine, Beinn na Drise and 'S Airde Beinn. I also climbed Beinn Chreagach on Ulva, a beautiful island of friendly people (do visit the cafe). I am really looking forward to returning for Gometra.

The Marhof reunion in Builth Wells in June was a most pleasant evening and I had a great time climbing the hills in the surrounding area. My first was Gwastedyn Hill, where I met Jon Metcalf on the summit, so we continued the walk together. I went back to Wales in July and had a wonderful time climbing lovely hills in excellent weather. On the summit of Sugar Loaf ('Y Fal' in Welsh) I met a lady who was climbing the hill with her family to celebrate her 90th birthday. On the last hill of my holiday, Edward's Tump, a friendly farmer let me park in his field and warned me that a big party of young children were having their school's annual outing and picnic on top of this hill. I met them on their way down, so I had the summit to myself. The farmer had cut a path through the long grass all the way to the top and also cut all round the summit to provide a picnic area, so walking couldn't have been easier.

In October I climbed some interesting hills in Northumberland including The Cheviot, which I had been intending to climb for years, and Crag Fell, which gave magnificent views after I emerged from the forest onto the summit area. I also had some memorable days and weekends away in Scotland. After climbing Beinn na Seamraig on Skye I stopped at Dornie on my way home to check out a path to Beinn a'Mheadhoin (11B). I saw a kilted figure coming down the path and recognised him straight away as Stewart Logan. I enjoyed a chat with him and envied the fact that he was on his way to Skye for a few days when the weather was obviously going to be superb. Other memorable hills with great views were An Grianan (3B), Cruach Mhor (19A), Carn Duchara (19A), An Cabar (14B) and Beinn Mhialairigh (10A), which I later realised was my 1000th Scottish Marilyn. My special thanks to Alan Dawson for his information in 'Tips for the Top' in last year's Marhofn. His excellent directions enabled me finally to climb Tom an t-Saighdeir (19A) - a lovely path up a great wee hill.

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