Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Baglogs: Upper Hall:

Baglog: Colin Crawford (+3=1541)

In truth, my focus has now shifted away from Marilyns in favour of other lists - Corbett and Graham Tops primarily. I must confess also to a growing attraction for Humps, a listing which I used to scorn when in the form of Yeamans. It's curious how an approach to a significant number can spur one on; the ascent of 103 Humps over the year granted me a mildly auspicious 2000th celebration on Lundy in September, with the light room in the old lighthouse providing a perfect, sheltered venue. I ignored the pertinent fact that in using it I had in fact elevated our small group above 150m. In the course of collecting other tops, I had frequent recourse to repeats, and it seemed fitting that my actual number of Marilyns over the year matched the Humps exactly, a century of revisits raising the tally to 103.

The various promotions and summit changes caused me to make a couple of extended trips. My complacency in having already visited Cracoe Fell was abruptly punctured in June on learning about the relocation of Botley Hill. For once (and very briefly) I envied those in the south-east who could so easily rectify the omission. Fortunately, I had cause to visit friends in Leicestershire, which put the hill within reach of a day trip. I must concede that the new location is much more satisfying than the old one. It also offered a Hofferspotting event, as I met Dave Stanford on a similar mission. Finally, the news of Sail Chalmadale's entry to the Marilyn list offered another armchair tick, though a special outing to bag this delightful hill would have been a pleasure.

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