Marhofn 196.11 - May 2009

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Keen young ticks

Jamie Everett

My new Marilyns didn't start till the end of May. We camped on the border of Yorkshire and Cumbria and went up Nine Standards Rigg. Beehive shaped cairns on top, sunny but very windy. Next day when dad took the tent down a gust grabbed it and the metal pole across the top of the tent got bent. Later in the afternoon we went up High Seat and then Dufton Pike. It was one of my favourites but very strong wind. After the Marilyn gathering in Wales I'd climbed eleven more and dad added up my score and said I'd got up to 128. I said I wanted to get to 200 Marilyns by next year's meeting. He said that might be quite a challenge because I was only with him less than half the time. In the summer we climbed lots of hills in north Wales and in Shropshire and near Bristol and Newbury.

In August we went to Scotland. My best bit was climbing Ben Nevis. I really wanted to see the cliffs. Dad said we were going to do a more difficult route than usual called Surgeons Rib so he could get to a top called Carn Dearg South. He said it would be better, more exciting and less people. There were no other people but we saw loads like ants going backwards and forwards high up on the edge of the plateau. We came to a band of rock and dad said we'd go along to the left. I said 'no, I want to climb right up it'. Dad said ok but it changed it from a grade 1 to a grade 3 scramble. It was fun. There was only a little bit of cloud on the very top so I saw the cliffs from Carn Dearg North. When we were on top of Ben Nevis there were loads and loads of people. The cloud cleared for about 15 minutes before we went off to Carn Mor Dearg. The weather got worse and it started to rain just as we were coming off the mountain. It was dark when we got back to the tent. The midges were terrible. There was a note tied to our tent. Dad said we were a bit naughty to have camped there.

We walked in to Shenavall bothy a few days later and passed two people with big packs going slowly. When they got there one of them said he had a 20kg bag of coal in his rucksack as well as lots of food and camping stuff. I found a rock in the ground on the ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn that looked like the shape of Britain. I did 43 new Marilyns over the summer holidays, 58 in the year. I finished 2008 walking along to the summit of North York Moors with dad in the dark and in cloud. Dad said I shouldn't have insisted on watching the end of the football on the telly before we left.

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