Marhofn 183.10 - May 2008

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Dalry, Galloway, June 2007

Alan Dawson

A record attendance of 56, including 15 debutants aged from 25 (Tony Jenkins) to 81 (Miles Hutchinson) enjoyed an excellent dinner and entertainment, fabulous summer weather and far-from-fabulous summer flies. Badges, awards and trophies were presented for carefully devised spurious reasons. In order for Marhofn to be eligible for a 'club' bank account, Lloyds TSB stipulated that officials be elected and proceedings be minuted. The following officers were therefore duly elected:

Chairman: Jonathan Woods

Secretary: Alan Dawson

Treasurer: Bert Barnett

Chief Chanter: Lindsay Munro

The Marhofn bank account was finally opened in February, with a deposit of £400 comprising donations received since we splashed out on Marhofn 171. A copy of the official minutes is available in the files area of the RHB newsgroup. Really.

Baggershambles 2007 (photo: Brent Lynam)

The secretary, treasurer and chairman taking brief respite from the chains of office at Baggershambles 2007 (photo: Brent Lynam)

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