Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal

Beinn Bhreac (1E, LR56)

Michael Curtis: A strange event occurred as I came off Beinn Bhreac into Glen Douglas. This is where there is an MOD establishment buried in bunkers on the south side of the glen, on the slopes of Doune Hill. Halfway down the slope the peace and quiet was shattered by a booming tannoy announcement 'Could Mr Carter please contact reception. That's Mr Carter please contact reception'. Not what I was expecting at all.

Sgribhis-bheinn (16A, LR9)

Jon Metcalf: Midges so dense and voracious that I almost forgot the risk of being blown to bits by stray ordnance.

Warning sign on the Cape Wrath range (photo: Bert Barnett)

Warning sign on the Cape Wrath range (photo: Bert Barnett)

Moel Hebog (30B, LR115)

Andy Hyams: In autumn 2006 there were extensive works in Beddgelert Forest to extend the Welsh Highland Railway. Tracks I had intended to use were sealed by high fences and are clearly destined to become the rail track bed.

Ward's Stone (36, LR102)

Jon Metcalf: Take great company to avoid sleepwalking. If you make a circuit via Tarnbrook and Emmetts at least the carved stone Wyre Way markers offer some interest.

Bioda Mor (25, LR18)

Graham Illing: On a business trip in the USA I called into REI, a gear shop the size of an average Tesco Extra. They had inflatable canoes, which could be handy for a trip to St Kilda one day. I nearly bought one ($400) but my colleague, who already thought I was bonkers for Marilyn bagging, pointed out that I couldn't get this in my hand luggage.

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