Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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Baglog: Peter Dawes (+67=1003)

A good year on the hills; the weather was generally very good for most of my trips, and I just exceeded my target of 66. I did at last make a trip to Wales, during which I achieved my 1000th Marilyn, on a glorious day on Cadair Idris. This reminded me very much of Lochnagar, one of my local hills on Deeside. I was with some old RAF pals for the 1000th, and we'd planned to do the walk on a Saturday in late October, but the weather was foul so we gave up the idea of Cadair Idris and did some lower hills close by (but still ticks for the list). The Sunday was perfect with bright sunshine and little wind; a day to remember.

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of meeting another bagger on a summit near Loch Monar; Dorothy Wilson, then on her 1016th Marilyn. I was then on my 969th as I recall. We spent a pleasant few minutes comparing notes and hills completed before setting off in different directions to complete our separate routes for the day. I find it's not often that you meet another bagger on a summit, so it makes a welcome change.

Having now got to a total of 1003, I have in mind to try to do 50 per year from now on, but this still means another 11 years, which will make me a bit long in the tooth before reaching a possible total of 1550. We shall have to see...

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