Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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Baglogs: Upper Hall:

Baglog: Pete Simpson (+114=1027)

2006 was a good year, as I achieved four milestones:

My final tally of 1027 followed a rather uninspiring visit to region 26 in November, when I was woken twice in one night by police, while camped in my van in a car park; a practice which is normally uneventful despite ignoring 'no overnight parking' notices on occasion. Although I fully intend to keep on bagging in 2007, I probably won't complete the Grahams or the Murdos this year, partly because of the longer travelling distance to new hills, and partly because we now have a property in Turkey where my wife wants us to spend as much time as possible (but there are lots of good hills there).

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