Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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Baglog: Brian Ewing (+62=1066)

The year was varied as far as hill activity was concerned. Firstly there was the fact that, despite all the media hype about global warming, it was a good skiing season at Glen Coe, which meant my season ticket more than paid for itself. Then I enlisted on Brent Lynam's campaign to do the awkward islands of the Outer Hebrides. I had always wondered how the heck I was going to be able to visit them. It turned out to be an excellent adventure, which I'm sure will be covered elsewhere in Marhofn. The only island I didn't get to during the trip was Taransay. Fortunately though I did manage to arrange a July holiday on Harris and Lewis with my family. Given that a boat crossing to Taransay is readily available, it was only after five consecutive days of trying that we actually got on to the island; wind from the wrong direction, too windy (one day it was a force 9 gale) etc. So don't take access to Taransay for granted.

After a long September weekend on Raasay, including a day on Scalpay, the rest of the year just seemed to get wetter and wetter. With record rainfall in November and December I only did one more new Marilyn during these two months, but I did see some spectacular waterfalls. The falls of Foyers in spate conditions were quite something.

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