Marhofn 171.09 - May 2007

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Baglog: Charles Knowles (+71=1518)

Despite warnings from well-meaning friends not to wear out my replacement hip joints, I had a fairly active and very enjoyable year in the hills in 2006. I recommenced skiing on lightweight langlauf skis at Ellmau in Austria in January, and as this was accomplished without any problems, graduated to heavier piste skis and steeper, more challenging slopes for a week at the end of February. Easter was spent walking and cycling in the Galloway hills, followed by a short visit to the Isle of Man with the bike for a SubMarilyn, then up to the Lake District to complete my English and Welsh SubMarilyns.

I joined Brent and many others for the very successful Hebridean islands expedition - thanks for all the planning and organisation. In a third week in the isles, Stewart Logan and I were fortunate to get a day trip out to St. Kilda for Conachair, despite unsettled weather, but we can only dream about the five other Marilyns there. I had a week visiting Eigg, Rum and Canna in July, and another visit to the Hebrides in August to complete region 24. A week based at Melrose and Pitlochry in October enabled me to get to the Munro anniversary celebrations on Mayar and Driesh, and to meet old friends.

A total of 71 new Marilyns and 55 SubMarilyns were collected in the year and, more importantly, reasonably good weather conditions gave some fantastic days out on most of these hills, many in remote and interesting locations. An enduring memory is of the hundreds of puffins flying alongside the boat taking us out to the Shiant Islands, as it swerved round other seabirds on the water.

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