MARHOFN 133.07 - MAY 2005

Baglog: Andrew Dempster (+29=710)

2004 saw the Corbetts finally in the bag, finishing with Beinn na h-Eaglaise near Glenelg on a hot sweaty August day with only one other companion. Warm champagne is not quite the apex, but who's complaining? Since then I've been pottering away at the sub-2000ft Marilyns in Scotland and have finally come up with a name for these: HUGHS (Hills Under Graham Height in Scotland). If anyone can think of a better acronym please let me know. Perhaps the most quirky event of the year was discovering a Hugh (or should it be a Hughs?) only a few miles from my house which I thought I'd climbed years back and actually hadn't; Innerdouny Hill in the Ochils, which I had confused with Innerdownie (which is not a Marilyn). Apart from the negotiation of several firebreaks, it is a fine wee hill with great views.

The main aim of 2005 is to finish the 35 remaining Munro Tops and keep plugging away at Hughs and Corbett Tops. A trip to Ailsa Craig with Hamish Brown in August should be fun - and then there's all those other islands.