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MARHOFN 133.07 - MAY 2005

The Newsletter for Marilyn Baggers

This is the seventh edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter. A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides. In other words, a relatively high hill. There are now 1554 Marilyns in Britain, and this newsletter is for people who climb them, especially people who have climbed 600 or more, and so are eligible for membership of the Marilyn Hall of Fame. The Marilyns are listed in a book called The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) by Alan Dawson, published by Cicerone Press in April 1992. Details of subsequent changes to the list of Marilyns have been published in a series of update sheets. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to Hall of Fame members and anyone else interested, although contributions such as stamps and cheques are welcome. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted - it is very much appreciated.

News and views:
466 + 159 = 1554
Fionn an Cille report
24-hour Marilyns challenge, March 2005 by Rob Woodall

2005 gathering
2004 gatherings
Honey takes Quinn quiz crown
Mad Bagger Award

Swithering heights
Tips for the tops
Wee gems
Hall of Shame: Heather Terrors
Hall of Shame: Corporate Desecration
Hall of Shame: Excess Tree Density
Hall of Shame: Get Off My Land

Hall of Fame:
Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2004
Hall numerosociology

Annual reports:
Baglog: Alan Dawson (+48=1218)
Baglog: Andrew Dempster (+29=710)
Baglog: Andrew Fraser (+39=625)
Baglog: Andrew Templeton (+28=829)
Baglog: Andy Rook (+51=686)
Baglog: Ann and Rowland Bowker
Baglog: Barbara Jones (+48=908)
Baglog: Bill Fairmaner (+50=1252)
Baglog: Brian Dickson (+32=630)
Baglog: Brian Ewing (+63=928)
Baglog: Chris Peart (+34=893)
Baglog: Colin Crawford (+152=1303)
Baglog: Colin Donnelly (+48=1254)
Baglog: David Hoyle (+11=984)
Baglog: David Hughes (+5=676)
Baglog: David Smith (+54=842)
Baglog: Don Reid (+37=641)
Baglog: Donald Irvine (+52=645)
Baglog: Gerry Knight (+20=1050)
Baglog: Gordon Ingall (+55=980)
Baglog: Graham Illing (+19=1400)
Baglog: Harrold Thomson (+17=612)
Baglog: James Gordon (+22=1415)
Baglog: Jimmy White (+40=681)
Baglog: John Barrowman (+16=690)
Baglog: Jon Metcalf (+72=855)
Baglog: Ken Butcher (+110=1192)
Baglog: Ken Stewart (+28=711)
Baglog: Les Cunningham (+9=733)
Baglog: Leslie Barrie (+44=887)
Baglog: Lindsay Munro (+113=716)
Baglog: Mark Smith (+62=744)
Baglog: Mary Cox (+33=1001)
Baglog: Paul Caban (+117=906)
Baglog: Peter Bibby (+57=703)
Baglog: Peter Collins (+87=1145)
Baglog: Peter Dawes (+55=870)
Baglog: Peter Wilson (+2=607)
Baglog: Roderick Manson (+29=1012)
Baglog: Stewart Logan (+72=1083)
Baglog: Trevor and Sue Littlewood
Baglog: Vernon Miles (+20=682)

Obscure no more:
New Hall members blink in the bright lights and say hello...
Graham and Anne Bunn, Teesside (619)
Steve Harris, Cumbria (633)
John Hipwood, Wolverhampton (815)
Miles Hutchinson, Fife (675)
Andy Hyams, North Yorkshire (619)
Audrey Litterick, Aberdeenshire (623)
Peter Malone, Lochcarron (608)
Andy and Val Moffat, Inverness (622)
John Owen, Aberdeen (603)
Peter Standing, Lancashire (603)
John Steel, Glasgow (600)
Dave Tyson, Wirral (600)
John Ward, Warwickshire (758)

Cellar field reports:
Jonathan Appleby, Inverness (272)
Iain Cameron, Bristol (166)
Jon Foote, Leeds (320)
Brent Lynam, Shropshire (346)
Graham Marett, Hertfordshire (306)
Kevin Palmer, Leicester (224)
David Rawden, Southampton (309)
Mark Trengove, Mold (344)

Orkney Trio by Colin Crawford
The approach to 1000, May-June 2004 by Hamish Brown
The way to 1000 and beyond? by John Barnard
Torch in the void by Ursula Stubbings
Dangerous corners in the Corridor by Chris Watson
On completing the Welsh Marilyns by Dewi Jones
The Strange Subs of Mid Wales by Mark Trengove
A jaunt with Jill for many a hill by Hamish Brown
Half a hill, half a hill, half a hill onwards by Dave Hewitt

International news:
Around Ireland with a list by Rob Woodall
Around Ireland with a stick by David Purchase
Introducing Ultras by Jonathan de Ferranti

New editor needed:

After seven years, Marhofn could do with a new editor. No salary or perks but it's only once a year. If you fancy doing it and have a bit of spare time, please contact

All being well the next issue of Marhofn will appear in May 2006. Hall members and others are encouraged to submit articles, numbers, comments, pictures and cash by 31 January 2006.

Post: Alan Dawson, 61 Dollerie Terrace, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3EG
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