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MARHOFN 106.06 - MAY 2004

The Newsletter for Marilyn Baggers

This is the sixth edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter. A Marilyn is a hill of any height with a drop of 150 metres or more on all sides. In other words, a relatively high hill. There are 1552 Marilyns in Britain, and this newsletter is for people who climb them, especially people who have climbed 600 or more, and so are eligible for membership of the Marilyn Hall of Fame. The Marilyns are listed in a book called The Relative Hills of Britain (RHB) by Alan Dawson, published by Cicerone Press in April 1992. Details of subsequent changes to the list of Marilyns have been published in a series of update sheets, most recently in April 2002. Marhofn is distributed free of charge to Hall of Fame members and anyone else interested, although contributions such as stamps and cheques are welcome. Many thanks to everyone who has already assisted - it is very much appreciated.

2004 gatherings
2003: The good, the bad and the niggly
Candidates for change

Theatre of the absurd (Colin Crawford)
Wish list (Helen McLaren)
Tea room tales (Val Hamilton)
Swithering heights (David Purchase)
Office Windows - 2003 Update (Phil Cooper)
One man went to Mow (Mark Trengove)
The case of the phantom cars (Leslie Barrie)
The case of the phantom wood (Eddie Dealtry)

Tips for the tops: Hill of the Wangie, An Cruachan, Beinn Eilideach, Turin Hill, Cefn Cenarth, Housedon Hill, Watch Hill, Carnmenellis, Cliffe Hill
Tips for the bottoms
Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal
Wee Gems

Hall of Shame:
Hall of Shame: Big boring bogs
Hall of Shame: Get Off My Land
Hall of Shame: Wee Shites
Hall of Shame: Corporate desecration

Hall of Fame:
Marilyn Hall of Fame 31 December 2003

Annual reports:
Ticking over: Andrew Templeton
Ticking over: Andrew Dempster
Ticking over: Barbara Jones
Ticking over: Bill Fairmaner
Ticking over: Brian Ewing
Ticking over: Charles Knowles
Ticking over: Chris Peart
Ticking over: Colin Donnelly
Ticking over: Dave Stanford
Ticking over: David Hughes
Ticking over: Gordon Ingall
Ticking over: Graham Jackson
Ticking over: James Gordon
Ticking over: Jennifer Thomson
Ticking over: Jimmy White
Ticking over: Jonathan Groves
Ticking over: Ken Butcher
Ticking over: Ken Stewart
Ticking over: Les Cunningham
Ticking over: Leslie Barrie
Ticking over: Mark Smith
Ticking over: Michael Curtis
Ticking over: Paul Caban
Ticking over: Peter Wilson
Ticking over: Peter Collins
Ticking over: Trevor Littlewood

New members:
Emerging from obscurity: Andrew Fraser
Emerging from obscurity: Brian Dickson
Emerging from obscurity: Donald Irvine
Emerging from obscurity: Andy Rook
Emerging from obscurity: Lindsay Munro
Emerging from obscurity: Harrold Thomson

Cellar field:
Cellar Dwellers (Jon Foote, David Rawden, Mark Trengove)

Diaries and logs:
One man in three boats (Phil Cooper)
The woman who started at 50 (Denise Clark)
St Kilda, May 2003: One man's log (Bert Barnett)
Up to my neck in it on Shetland (Jennifer Thomson)
Endgame: Subs and Yeamans (Rob Woodall)
The Taming of The Slate (Alan Dawson)

Baggers abroad:
Baggers abroad: Brian Dickson
Baggers abroad: Chris Pearson
Baggers abroad: James Gordon
Baggers abroad: John Barrowman

Trallval pursuits

The golden key to the baronial Hall (Bruce Smith)
Remembering Paul Richardson (Jon Metcalf)

The next issue of Marhofn is likely to appear in May 2005. Hall members and others are encouraged to submit articles, numbers, comments, photos and cash by 31 January 2005.

Post: Alan Dawson, 61 Dollerie Terrace, Crieff, Perthshire PH7 3EG
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