Hump Hall of Fame

Chris Watson

March 2015

The Hump Hall of Fame is now 57 strong after six new members reported in during 2014. The highest new entry was Eddie Dealtry who, having no Marilyns left to do, finally totted up his Humps. Charlie Scott, Gordon and Adrienne Coventry, Dave Tyson and Rick Salter all reached 1200 Humps, although only Rick has admitted to organising a hilltop party. Six baggers, including three Upper Hall members, joined Rick on Peel Fell, which was also his and Jenny Hatfield's final English Marilyn.

There were two new entrants to the Upper Hall. Alan Whatley had an increase of 619 to make him comfortably the Humper of the year. Joining him was Alan Dawson who reached the 2000 landmark on Startup Hill along with 17 other baggers in March, a couple of hours after reaching 3000 Tumps on Roberton Law. Jon Metcalf celebrated his 1500th Hump when he visited Gruinard Island with 11 other island baggers and they managed to demolish a bottle of Laphroaig between them. No reports of anthrax yet.

Ken Whyte knocked off the last couple of British Humps to leave him on H-7, those seven being probably beyond his climbing abilities, then headed across the Irish Sea to wreak havoc over there. He climbed over 450 in the year and is now only 90 short of an Irish completion. We look forward to hearing that he only has rock climbs left by the end of 2015.

Hump Hall of Fame 2014
2979 Ken Whyte 1733 Brian Ewing
2849 Rob Woodall 1733 Andrew Tibbetts
2803 Colin Crawford 1680 Margaret Parker
2700 Ann Bowker 1663 Alan Castle
2501 Rowland Bowker 1608 Richard Speirs
2501 Alan Whatley 1604 Tony Rogers
2412 James Gordon 1604 Lindsay Munro
2368 Michael Earnshaw 1556 Chris Peart
2326 Alan Holmes 1556 Jon Metcalf
2316 Iain Brown 1534 Mark Smith
2305 Ursula Stubbings 1480 Neil Sandilands
2296 George Morl 1466 Douglas Law
2238 Martin Richardson 1456 Trevor Littlewood
2176 Peter Collins 1454 Sue Littlewood
2029 Alan Dawson 1439 Robert Poole
2003 Stewart Logan 1417 Alison Fox
1983 Jim Bloomer 1399 John Ward
1960 Gordon Adshead 1364 Peter Malone
1949 Andy Hyams 1338 Chris Bienkowski
1896 Andy Sutton 1325 Jonathan Woods
1857 Richard Webb 1324 John Owen
1844 Martin Collins 1313 Chris Watson
1835 Eddie Dealtry 1291 Charlie Scott
1825 Phil Cooper 1254 Gordon Coventry
1821 Campbell Singer 1254 Adrienne Coventry
1778 Richard Tibbetts 1245 Rick Salter
1771 Gary Jones 1244 Dave Tyson
1758 Jim Fothergill 1243 David Purchase
1744 Bert Barnett 1200 The Unknotted Humper